brand building

According to the requirements of "development is strong, strong party", the party led by ZhuaZong, give full play to the party organization, trade unions, youth league, women's federation, the role of the department of military equipment, clear and implement the responsibilities of each group to promote the study and service-oriented, innovative and supervision of party construction, to build up a big party pattern, services, and promote the sustainable development enterprise steadily.

Party committee:

establish the national party building brand, establish the banner of private enterprise party building, and build a dynamic and happy enterprise.

Work will be:

build the staff's trusted home (care, democracy, quality, health, housing, 1+5 green leaf project).

Group committee:

inherit the spirit of volunteers, undertake social responsibilities, and sow the seeds of love (orange care, red guidance, blue dream, green civilization, golden flash action).

Fu lian:

one home, one bridge, one school (health, quality, happiness, care, rights protection project).

Department of military equipment:

armed work, militia construction, national defense education and reserve force construction (quality, public security, emergency response, military support, national defense project).